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A Guide to Choosing a Modern Chair

Chairs often come to mind for you, don’t they? Most likely not too much, unless you are actively in search of one. Then again, how much attention do you give them when you are not looking at them?

Indeed, that’s true. What’s the point of the chair if it’s just for resting? These reasons will help you decide whether modern chairs are right for you before you invest in one.

Before you shop, double-check your measurements

One of the old carpenter’s proverbs is “count twice, cut once.”. Since you’re not making a modern chair, cutting won’t be an issue.

If you plan on placing the chair in a specific location, make sure it fits. In case you need to rearrange everything in your room, a chair you love may not work. Rearranging your room was fun when you were a kid, since you have decorated it to match the current layout now.

You need three measurements to find the right chair size. I have measured these three things. The height of a chair may not really matter unless you plan to place it in front of/under a wall hanging.

With some painters tape, you can easily form a square on the floor. The biggest square you can find is where you should put your chair. Subtract about a foot from the measurement of the painting on the wall.

Once you have calculated the dimensions of your seat by knowing your height, width, and depth (between the front and back edges), you will be able to calculate the size of your seat. If possible, make a note of the measurements in your phone or a place you can easily access them so you never forget them. Shop around, whether you buy a pod chair or find something on Facebook. Now you know what your living space looks like.

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Ensure that negative space is taken into account

How is the chair going to be arranged in the room? How much airflow or visual flow is there? This looks a little crowded to me, doesn’t it? The furniture arrangement in your room may prevent your Roomba from vacuuming more than 2/3 of it?

Depending on how much negative space you have under/around your chair, you’ll need different legs. There is usually only one leg on a round-base chair.

Can you find a chair with high-backs and legs about a foot high if that is what you are looking for? If adults aren’t shopping for kid’s chairs, they shouldn’t have any trouble finding tall chairs.

Basically, it’s not an issue if you don’t mind the fact that you won’t be able to see the space on the ground because of this. As an alternative, you might choose to use hairpin-legged chairs or even hanging egg-shaped chairs, like the ones from the old days, if you wish.

Currently, tulip-style bases and hairpin legs are very popular on the furniture market. The chair is neither obstructed by feng shui nor is it stable.

You can choose any pattern you like

Chairs are often bought based on their patterns, but not you. We have already thought about or walked through the first three steps. You can have a lot of fun figuring out the chair’s pattern.

Because there are other patterns in your room, you don’t necessarily need a solid color. There is something chic and in vogue about it right now (and to be honest, it has never gone out of style).

The most important thing to remember when mixing patterns is texture. Combining embroidered or raised fabric with another design changes the look of the chair.

Another important consideration is leopard print as a neutral. You won’t find all-leopard print chairs, but you can find all-leopard print clothes. If you want to make a purple chair pop, add a leopard print throw pillow.

It is a good idea to combine stripes and florals in one room. Select stripes that match the floral pattern and keep them small to medium in size. Neither of them is more than two inches apart.

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