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Choosing a courier service: Everything You Need To Know

Getting from Point A to Point B is as easy as counting to three? This kind of task is best handled by courier services. You might not know what to expect if you have never used a courier before. 

In the same way as a regular post, couriers must abide by some regulations when it comes to transporting certain types of items. You can get more information by visiting

For a better understanding of what we do, here is a quick overview of courier services. 

Courier Services: What Types Are Available?

Standard – This option is best if you have a little extra time but don’t need items transported urgently. Delivery and collection of small parcels are typical functions of courier services. Within a few days of placing your order, you will be informed of an estimated delivery date. In terms of price flexibility, this option is the best choice. 

Express – Express delivery speeds things up just a little. For the UK and mainland Europe, express delivery generally takes 24 hours or less. Retail purchases that need to be delivered the next day are an example of express delivery.

Same Day – Your courier can help you when time is of the essence. Within hours, the parcel is collected and delivered as suggested by the name. With Nationwide Courier Service, you can get an instant quote and collect within 30 to 60 minutes, delivering nationwide. The same day delivery service can be used for any kind of item. A boiler replacement part or even a legal document might be an example. You may also choose this if you are not interested in waiting for your regular parcel for 1-2 days.

Freight – People and businesses alike can book freight services for larger shipments. In the case of heavy, large or hazardous shipments, this option is the best option. With onboard navigation, your shipment will be transported in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

Does a standard courier service allow me to choose a time frame?

The standard courier service is usually the one to choose if you aren’t pressed for time. It is possible to request a specific time with the courier service if this is more convenient for you. You will be informed about the location of your shipment, including its estimated delivery date, as with all courier services. 

Are standard courier services available for shipping any package?

It is possible to ship most items via standard shipping, but size and weight must be taken into consideration. It is also important to know whether any hazardous materials are present in the item. Make sure the item can be picked up and delivered by your courier company before booking.

Why Can’t Couriers Transport Everything?

Items that are prohibited from being shipped by courier services are listed on their websites. Typically, they involve any type of threat to humans or the vehicle itself specific to each courier service. 

Do my courier drivers provide packing assistance?

In order to ensure on-time deliveries, couriers work to tight schedules, which makes packing customer deliveries impossible. Taking care of the packing when booking a delivery will ensure that your courier arrives and loads your shipment properly for delivery without delay. Our network will be able to provide you and all other customers with speedy service as a result. Get in touch with us if you need advice on packing an especially awkward item correctly, and we will be happy to help. 

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