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Door-to-Door Rail Freight Transportation is Something Possible

Door-to-Door Rail Freight Transportation is Something Possible

Rail transportation attracts people with its affordable tariffs and possibility to deliver great volumes of goods over long distances. In addition, trains can travel day and night and have almost no dependence on weather. All these things ensure a timely delivery without delays.

But this kind of freight transport has had a significant disadvantage in the past – earlier, you had to use another mode of transportation and ensure cargo transfer from one mean of transport to another as to carry out the delivery from a consigner’s warehouse to railroad loading point and then from railroad unloading point to a consignee’s warehouse. Today, however, logistics companies provide comprehensive solutions for this task and render door-to-door rail delivery services. What are the features of this mode of transportation?

Broad Geographic Area

Door-to-door delivery of goods is possible not only across the UK, but there is also a high demand on delivery of goods to other European countries, the Balkan States, the Central and Southeast Asia.

Transport Combinations

In most cases, the railway service is combined with road transport, however it can also be combined with sea and air transport – it is all about the specifics of goods and delivery terms.

The vast majority of logistics companies work with hot shot container trains, which are capable of covering a distance of over 900 km a day. This allows using the railway for carriage of priority freights and perishable goods. Moreover, the use of such trains allows cutting handling costs: it is easier and faster to transfer containers from their platforms to platforms of special trailers.

Variety of Cargoes

You may carry hundreds of commodity types by rail – starting from industrial equipment to furniture, from car parts and machinery to clothes and footwear, metal structures and many other things.


Door-to-door rail delivery may take 1–2 days only. The delivery terms depend mostly on distance between departure and arrival points.


All containers are sealed. They are opened only in presence of the consignee, which precludes any unauthorised access to the cargo. At the same time, container trucks have special equipment installed inside them that ensures the load tracking by consignor. Containers are safely secured on train and truck platforms, which precludes their dropping and, consequently, damage or loss of cargo.

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