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How To Control Your Nicotine Intake By Consuming CBD Gummies?

Smoking is injurious to health is a well-known phrase that everyone has heard of, but how many smokers care? Unfortunately, it is a fact that tobacco causes the death of more than seven million of its consumers, and more than a million people die due to passive smoking. To curb the spread of tobacco users, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed a Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, of which 182 member countries have already signed the treaty.

Smoking affects not only the respiratory and circulatory systems of humans. In addition, the risk of chronic heart diseases increases because of smoking tobacco. Speaking of the USA, an estimated 300 Americans under 18 begin smoking daily. In addition, many people have started using e-cigarettes as an alternative to regular cigarettes, but the liquid inside these e-cigarettes also contains nicotine. 

We will shed light on nicotine as the article progresses. To quit smoking is tricky but not impossible because several organic compounds, including CBD Gummies, may help one quit smoking. Learn more about CBD and how it can help control nicotine intake.

How Problematic Is Nicotine?

People worldwide know that nicotine is a serious problem to deal with. But what exactly is nicotine? Nicotiana tabacum, better known as nicotine, is an alkaloid produced naturally, predominantly in tobacco. It is a stimulant, and people use it for recreational purposes. Roughly 0.6-3.0% of nicotine is present in tobacco. Earlier, people used this alkaloid as insecticides and neonicotinoids.

The problem with nicotine is its addictive properties. It increases the dopamine or the ‘happy hormone’ of our body. As the name suggests, the hormone makes one feel good or happy after its level increases. The human brain becomes addicted to happiness, and smoking becomes too burdensome to quit. Other problems involved with the compound are atherosclerosis, aortic enlargement, nightmares, dizziness, indigestion, increased heart rate, etc. All these points prove that, indeed, nicotine is a problematic substance.

Introducing CBD

CBD is the short form of Cannabidiol. One may find it as a cannabinoid in the Cannabis plants. Around 40% of the plant contains CBD, with THC having the most presence. Global estimates reveal that the market size of CBD products is growing exponentially and may cross USD 40 billion by the end of the 2020 decade. One can find the compound in the oil, cream, pills, tablets, etc. In addition, CBD gummies are a sweet edible substance that contains the goodness of the ‘compound.’  

CBD is known to help with various conditions. These include helping with chronic and joint pains, anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. These benefits require further studies to prove whether or not CBD gummies are effective. Hemp is a biological class of the cannabis plant. The cultivators primarily extract the compound from the Hemp plant. There are various legal issues with selling the products containing the ‘compound,’ which we will touch upon in due course. For now, let’s know how the ‘compound’ can help control nicotine addiction.

How Can CBD Help In Controlling Nicotine?

There are three points on which we would like to discuss. These pointers will help one assess whether CBD gummies can help a person control nicotine intake.

  • Less Tobacco Craving

CBD gummies provide the same thing tobacco or nicotine generally provides a person, but in a healthy fashion. For example, smoking CBD rather than tobacco may help relieve pain and insomnia (no nightmare caused due to nicotine intake) and may help fight stress, depression, and anxiety better than nicotine.

When one learns about the goodness that CBD may pack inside, one would seriously like the idea of lessening tobacco for an organic alternative. Furthermore, it would most likely help a person reduce tobacco craving because the person feels the same rush of energy and adrenaline boost upon consuming the organic compound.

  • Helps With Anxiety After Quitting Cigarette

CBD is well-known for its relaxing properties. It may help calm the mind, thus not letting unnecessary thoughts clutter the brain. Anxiety is clogging the brain with unnecessary thoughts and results mainly from stress. Firstly, quitting cigarettes is a tedious task, and facing the after-effects of quitting is another tricky thing to handle.

CBD gummies affect the ECS or the Endocannabinoid System of the human body. It influences the CB receptors of the ECS to relax the mind and not feel anxious about anything. Eventually, the brain stops being anxious after a few days of consuming the compound. Thus, CBD Gummies can help with stress developed due to quitting cigarettes.

  • Relieves Withdrawal Symptoms Of Quitting Cigarettes

A few withdrawal symptoms of tobacco include craving more nicotine, irritation, restlessness, loss of power of focus, sleep troubles, loss of appetite, and feeling anxious. So let’s look into these problems.

We have already discussed how CBD can help with nicotine craving and anxiety. If the compound can help with anxiety, it can also help with the two conditions mentioned. Irritation and restlessness are the by-products of stress. Both the conditions require a calm brain. People sleep better with a relaxed mind; thus, the compound may help with insomnia too. It can also help with loss of appetite and increase concentration. So here, we see how CBD can relieve withdrawal symptoms of tobacco.

Benefits Of CBD Over Nicotine

CBD can prove to be beneficial over nicotine. The organic compound is an excellent alternative to nicotine. One can smoke CBD, too, in the form of vaping

Cannabidiol can help with anxiety, chronic pain, depression, stress, insomnia, etc. Nicotine may help with anxiety and stress but not as much as Cannabidiol. However, as we have already seen, Cannabidiol can help relieve tobacco withdrawal symptoms, helping people quit smoking and lessen the amount of nicotine craving one starts getting after a few days of quitting. Thus, we may conclude CBD may effectively reduce the nicotine intake in humans.


CBD may have several health benefits, but all these benefits require more scientific evidence to prove the efficiency of the product. We should also know the side effects of CBD gummies, which include dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, lethargy, fatigue, etc. But the compound isn’t addictive like nicotine and is not psychoactive. It may produce a mild intoxication because the extract is ultimately a product of the cannabis plant. 

One may try consuming the product if one wishes to quit smoking. However, one may always try new things only if one doesn’t exceed the limit. Doing anything above its limit may be harmful in the long run. Also, we would urge everyone to consume the product responsibly.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes. It is not medical advice. Consult a healthcare professional before using the products.

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