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OPPO Reno8 series Review – specs and features

OPPO Reno8 is the latest midrange smartphone series launched by the renowned mobile manufacturer. As much as it has got worldwide attention for its appeal and portrait camera, the series also unveiled the Imaging technology that has never been introduced before. Overall, the series is significantly focused on features like 4k ultra night video, AMOLED display, and SuperVOOC fast-charging technology.

There are three smartphones introduced in the UK within the range, featuring OPPO Reno8 Pro as the major edition with flagship specs at midrange price. Following the primary phone, the two other mobile phones including OPPO Reno8 and Reno8 Lite 5G are the lighter and affordable version of the pro. In other countries, there are even more versions of the phone, with mixed specs and features, adjusted according to the cost. 

The highlight of these phones goes around the affordability that the new series is offering to its users. Encompassed with almost similar level of premium specs and interesting features, you can almost afford a phone that can fulfil above-average demands. 

Release Date and Price

OPPO Reno8 series launched on 31st August 2022 in the UK, with its three major smartphones that we already mentioned. Although, these brand-new 5G phones were already announced in China and some other countries before August, the launch came to Europe a little later. 

The new mobiles are added in the Reno series sequence-wise, with Reno8 Pro being the pricey version, Reno8 as a middling option, while the Reno8 Lite is the lightest version of the main phone version. The price points of all the phones have been kept at a very interesting rate, giving the ultimate advantage to budget users. In other words, the Reno8 series is all set to create an easy purchase for midrange phone lovers. Here is how much every phone costs in the UK.

  1. OPPO Reno8 Pro – £599 or 24.96 /mo.
  2. OPPO Reno8 – £419 or 17.46 /mo.
  3. Reno8 Lite 5G – £319 or 13.29 /mo.

Specs and Features

Key Specifications

OPPO Reno8 Pro 5GOPPO Reno8 5GOPPO Reno8 Lite 5G
Rear Camera: 50MP 4X Dynamic RangeRear Camera: 50MP All-Pixel Omni-Directional PDAFRear Camera: 64MP+2MP+2MP
Front Camera: 32MP Sony IMX709 Sensor with AutoFocus:Front Camera: 32MP Sony IMX709 SensorFront Camera: 16MP 
Display: 6.7″ Ultra-Clear AMOLED | 120HzDisplay: Ultra-Clear AMOLED 6.43 | 90HzDisplay: 6.4-inch AMOLED | Adaptive Sleep
OS: Android 12, ColorOS 12.1OS: Android 12, ColorOS 12.1OS: Android 12
Hardware: MediaTek Dimensity 8100-MAXHardware: MediaTek Dimensity 1300Hardware: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 695 5G SoC
Weight: 183gWeight: 183gWeight: 173g
Battery: 4500mAhBattery: 4500mAhBattery: 4500mAh
Charging Speed: 80W SUPERVOOC Charging Speed: 80W SUPERVOOCCharging Speed: 33W SUPERVOOC

OPPO Reno8 Pro

The new Reno8 Pro is a device made for users with versatile expectations. Its premium, classy looking attire totally compensates for its next-level performance with the MediaTek Dimensity processor. Plus, it features a superbly fast charging speed with 80W power to let the phones charge in less than an hour. The smartphone is designed with streamlined unibody build, encasing AMOLED ultra-clear borderless display. In addition, the MariSilicon X chip NPU imaging technology included in the phone makes it deliver exceptional photography and videography. 

The cutting-edge processor in combination with a well-equipped 8GB RAM and 256GB storage allows multitasking for users at a greater level. The battery health engine of the mobile is kept great with 4500 mAh battery that lasts almost all day.

OPPO Reno8

The second phone followed by the main edition is the OPPO Reno8 which is equipped with almost similar specs except some additional features in the Pro version. Some of the clear changed added in this version come with the processor, refresh rate included in the display and extra camera features. OPPO has put all its focus on the Omni-directional camera integration in this smartphone so users can enjoy real-good photography. The MediaTek Dimensity 1300 processing speed leads to a smooth and convenient multitasking environment for every user.

With the battery, OPPO Reno8 does equally impressive job owing to its power capacity of 4500 mAh. If you are the one who always need to be on phone and has to travel all along, this phone comes as the right suitability. The charging adaptor is as well kept the same as Pro version with the 80W SuperVOOC charger.

OPPO Reno8 Lite

OPPO Reno8 Lite is the cheaper version of both its relevant mobile phones in the series, which is evident by its distinguishable features. Though, this mobile has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, its RAM and storage is kept the same. Users will still be able to receive the same kind of speed for multitasking, except the processing results are just a bit better. The powerful chipset is apt for serious performance, and also supports lightning fast 5G speed. For the rear camera integration, OPPO has included 3 lenses on the rear side with the main 64MP lens, followed by the two 2MP lens. Users will be able to enjoy bokeh flare portrait, dual orbit lights, AI colour intelligence along with the enduring phone quality.

For selfie lovers, OPPO has specially provided a selfie HDR mode where users can enjoy taking their photos with effects. There are essentially two colours available in the Lite, including Cosmic black and Rainbow spectrum that suit perfectly to the OPPO glow design.

How and Where to Buy OPPO Reno8 Series?

Its often crucial to decide where to get your brand-new phone unless you are buying it from the very authentic seller or the brand itself. For UK, we have a solid and regretless recommendation for you. You can buy all the smartphones of OPPO Reno8 series from its official OPPO UK store. Good news is that you can also get free gifts and bundle offers with every new purchase that you make from the online store. If you buy OPPO Reno8 Pro in the dates of 1st Sept to 28th Sept, you can also avail new Pad Air worth £239.


Does OPPO Reno8 have wireless charging?

The OPPO Reno8 features 80W wired charging, but it does not include wireless charging. However, if you want a charger that charges in less than an hour, the Reno8 Pro and Reno8 both are quicker for the charging experience. 

Is OPPO Reno8 waterproof?

OPPO Reno8 Z is waterproof, but its other classic editions are not, which means you will specifically have to get the Z version. However, water resistance IPX security is added into the phones that makes them better for to gage into any water accidents or liquid spills. 

Is OPPO Reno 5G worth buying?

Sure, the OPPO Reno8 5G is capable phone with the gaming capability as well as reliable performance for every day. The phone comes with the superfast charging, featuring SuperVOOC 80W adaptor, AMOLED display and a MediaTek processor. The smartphones with accessories have exceptional camera quality as well, featuring the MariSilicon X chip NPU imaging. 

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