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Top 5 countries for junket tourism

Gambling is very common throughout the globe, a kind of activity that can bring a lot of pleasure, happy moments and unforgettable emotions in the life of any person brings a lot of positive emotions. In addition, they can be a great mental and physical rest from everything that you’re tired of. Today, billions of users of the Internet, and just lovers of excitement, visit institutions daily in the hope of getting big prizes and changing their financial situation forever. But there are those who love just gambling itself, which is also no less important because gambling is primarily entertainment, not a job that brings you income. So people spend hours of their free time at European casino online and do not regret it.

However, many players are not enough to play online games or visit real establishments, so they often began to travel all over the world to try and immerse themselves in the culture of gambling entertainment in other countries. It is this kind of entertainment that began to spread over the past 5 years, which is why a new industry has emerged in the world – junket tourism. This type of tourism represents trips to other countries not only to learn about the culture and its riches but also to learn about how gambling is done here and what attracts local players to play it daily. This means that with these tours, the gambler can visit the sea, enjoy the beauty of the local scenery, and learn about history. But besides that, visit gambling establishments and try your luck at local casinos.

Features of junket tours

The trip to junket tour is quite different from a simple tour or travel on vacation. So you do not need to plan anything, because absolutely everything, from choosing the bus (plane) to renting a room and even the catering is included in the tour and for you make a selection of travel agency employees. The only peculiarity of such tours – is your commitment to visiting local gambling establishments.

If you choose an organized casino tour, you should comply with several conditions spelt out in the contract. The player agrees to spend at least 3 per day in the casino and to wager a predetermined amount. The first instalment is considered a deposit for the first games. In return, the casino assumes all costs for meals, lodging, round-trip tickets and transfers.

After the player has played the required number of hours, he can spend his free time the way he likes: you can use any café, beach, local restaurants, attractions, or cinemas, you can also, learn about the local culture, and much more.

If customers faithfully performed all the terms and conditions of this contract, the first payment is returned to their account. Thus, the trip is virtually free, since all the household needs are paid by the casino. If the player was lucky, he can pull off a decent haul. If, however, the terms of the contract were violated, the amount is not returned to the account, and goes to pay for transportation, lodging and meals.

Best countries for junkets

Although both new independent casino sites and physical places can be found in most countries, some regions still lead the way in offering the best junket tourism opportunities. Let’s take a look at a few countries worth visiting on a junket tour.

United States of America

The United States is one of the countries where this kind of entertainment has been legal for hundreds of years, so the local gambling business is shocking and constantly brings something new. The country has a huge variety of offline casinos to suit all tastes, but the casinos in Las Vegas deserve a special mention.

The whole city is a huge gambling zone, with not only beautiful land-based casinos but also an abundance of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The perfect way to recharge is to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fun that Las Vegas offers.

The undisputed favourite is the Stratosphere Casino. Where gamblers can try such renowned entertainment as roulette, slot machines, poker, blackjack and even bet us sports events. The minimum deposit is also nice – only $5 for any game.


Gambling is a way for Monaco to contribute to its national budget, and the Principality has therefore invested heavily in creating a comfortable playing environment for players from around the world.

Local casinos have a reputation as the most prestigious in existence, but to get into them, particularly the most famous of all, Monte Carlo, you need to adhere to a dress code. The stakes here are not cheap, but the main prizes are impressive, which can not be found everywhere.


The government issues casino licenses from all over the world and encourages gambling activities in the country. Any visitor who wants to gamble can open a casino, getting maximum privacy and security in conducting business.

Thus, visitors can choose from a variety of casinos and gaming halls, among which the classic Dragonara Casino, the modern Oracle Casino and the stunningly mesmerizing Casino di Venezia stand out.

United Kingdom

Passion for gambling is in the British blood. This is why you can find casinos here that are as grand and luxurious as those in Las Vegas. An important feature is the “no money, no play” law that is enforced in all local casinos. All entertainment is conducted with cash stakes, and the casino itself does not take jewellery, real estate or other assets as collateral. Therefore, it is safe for troubled players.


Although gambling entertainment in India is not exactly legal and legal, you can find more than 200 establishments all over the country. Of particular note is the Royale Casino, built on a liner, offering a wide variety of drinks, and gambling entertainment, as well as world-famous land-based casinos.


If you are a fan of gambling entertainment and are interested in the culture as well as the scenery of other countries, you simply must try at least one of the junket tours, because this kind of entertainment is wonderful. This is the only way you will understand how different the gambling cultures are and how much the industry is evolving. We guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised and fascinated—try it!

Disclaimer: Content is for informational purposes only. Gambling may lead to addiction and financial loss. Play responsibly. Seek help if needed. Not an endorsement of gambling.

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