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Why men faces low blood pressure

Very early in school life, mostly in class 7 we first learned about blood pressure. It is the pressure that the blood exerts on the arteries or blood vessels through which it is passing. This is very important in determining various health disorders in the initial stages. If you go for a regular health check-up, among the various other things which the doctor would test, blood pressure is the most important one. For the ideal man, both very high and very low blood pressure is dangerous. 

If the heart pumps faster, the blood will exert will more pressure on the inner walls of the arteries, this is known as high blood pressure. Not always high blood pressure is dangerous, this occurs when you do any highly physically intensive work. Similarly, not always low blood pressure is dangerous, for example when you sleep the blood pressure is usually lower than in normal circumstances. But very low blood pressure can be even life-threatening causing coma, heart failure, unconsciousness or even death. No pills like Cenforce 100 mg and Fildena 150 mg will be able to help in such grave situations. 

This is not to freak the readers and attract their eyeballs but our effort is to put the reality in front of the readers. But this article may help because we will be discussing the reasons why men face low blood pressure. 

Period of resting 

Blood pressure is significantly lowered when you prefer resting such as in sleep or just doing nothing and counting stars in the sky. In this society currently, no one gets the time to count the stars in the sky, those were the times of childhood, of the good old days. But this is nothing bad, it is completely natural to get low blood pressure during sleep because high blood pressure during sleep will not let you sleep. And that is a sign of hypertension that needs medical treatment. 

Resting can also mean just now you have eaten food and just sitting for a while, even then your blood pressure will get reduced a little bit. This is why you feel sleepy after having a great lunch. 


Low blood pressure can also occur due to the loss of a significant amount of blood. In case when you lose too much blood during an accident or an injury the blood pressure suddenly drops very low. Sometimes the injury may be minor but the blood loss may be huge due to poor blood clotting due to a deficiency of vitamins. This is why man men suddenly faint or fall unconsciously when too much blood is lost. The doctors, therefore, you would have seen in movies that they hurry up to provide as much blood to the injured patient. This is to basically not let too much blood loss as it can increase the chances of heart failure and death. Hence, during accidents it is the first thing that the doctors and nurses do, is to put the bottle of blood ready. 


Dehydration is the situation when our body is in dire need of water or fluids. More specifically you can say the tissues and cells are facing an acute shortage of water, due to which they cannot function properly. Almost 70 per cent of the human body is water, so you can understand its importance and how varied functions it does for the body. From transporting nutrients by acting as a medium along with the blood to flushing away the toxins and waste materials its application is endless. 

Dehydration is mostly felt during summer, when the temperature around us is very high the body keeps itself cool by releasing excess water into the atmosphere in the form of sweat, which is nothing but water and salts. So, you are releasing too much sweat means your body would need that much water, which is why we feel thirstier during summers. 

Certain medications

Besides internal reasons, some external factors also contribute to lowering blood pressure. Some such medication is for erectile dysfunction such as Cenforce 150 and Vidalista 40 mg. It is the working mechanism of such medicine to reduce the blood pressure so that the blood flows smoothly into the body and reaches the penis without any sudden fluctuation. But this medication can even turn dangerous because when you overdose on these medicines, they can lessen the blood pressure to very extreme levels. And too much low blood pressure can slow down the functioning of the overall body leading to dizziness, low heartbeat and unconsciousness. 


Many other reasons could put your blood pressure at low levels. But you should not worry much, in case of any doubt consult the doctor. Especially if you are already suffering from low blood pressure, many drugs from are restricted to such men. 

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