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Amazing Resource For Playing The Irish Lottery Online

Amazing Resource For Playing The Irish Lottery Online

The Irish Lottery is not the biggest in the world, but extremely popular. It’s easy to play, has big jackpots, and has lower odds. That increases your chance of winning. This may explain why the Irish Lottery numbers are growing. 

Where to play

It is perfectly fine if you want to play the Irish Lottery the old-fashioned way. You can find a shop that sells National tickets to make your purchase. Secure your ticket somewhere safe until the draw, and if you have won a prize, follow all the steps required to go and turn your ticket in and collect. But there is an easier way.

You can play the Irish Lottery online by accessing This link takes you to an online, industry-leading lottery site. It takes minutes to create a free account, and there are various ways to fund your bet. From beginning to end, everything is digital. When you have placed a bet, you get an email of verification. You get a second email if you are a winner, but you don’t have to worry about that because you can access the site immediately after the draw to see if you have won.

With an online casino, you are betting on the lottery results and are paid by the company. You get the same amount of money as the person betting on tickets. The online site is regulated, licensed, and insured. Below is a list of regulatory agencies that quality online sites register. If you are considering a site that is not licensed and registered, your information is not safe, and there is no guarantee they are legitimate. The agencies represent various countries.

Here are some of the most noted:

  • Gibraltar Betting & Gaming Association
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Government of Northern Territory
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Republic of Ireland Licenses National Excise License 

You should be sure the site you are using is encrypted and uses blockchain technology for the best cyber security available. You can find information on the site’s corporate page. 

Do a Google search on the site. You will read stories of past winners and awards. Check our customer reviews. Vendors invest in keeping them honest and current.

How to play:

Pick your numbers

  • Mark the six numbers of your choice in each panel of the playslip

(or) select “Quick Pick” Numbers or let the computer randomly select the numbers for you.

  • Read the instructions on the site. It will explain how you can add “Plus options,” which will increase your winnings.

How much is the prize?

The prize for the Irish Lottery begins at €2 million and grows from there. The prize continues to roll over until there is a winner. So, check often. In 2019, a family in Northern Dublin won €175 million.

  • Draws times

The draws are Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7.55 pm. If you want to watch the draws live, they are on RTE’. Or, you can check the results on the results page every Wednesday and Saturday after 9.15 pm.

With current technology, fixed-odds lotto sites can give players personal attention. In many cases, live assistance is available due to the implementation of streaming. Online video game libraries hold many thousands of games. Scratch-off tickets, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, are just a few options you can utilize online. Land-based casinos cannot come close to offering the online selection sites do.

Some sites even have virtual sports, such as For UK football fans, they offer a virtual football stadium that is as close to live action as you will find. Esports are trending globally with no end in sight. Remember, if you are a winner, speak to a financial advisor about the best way to sustain your money by saving and investing.


Matched Numbers Winnings

Match six Jackpot – (minimum guaranteed €2 million)

Match five + bonus €100,000

Match five €1,5000

Match four + bonus €150

Match four €50

Match three + bonus €20

Match three €9

Match two €3 Daily Million Quick Pick Plus 2 lines

As you can see, there is much to be excited about in the gambling world. Maybe this will be the month things will turn around for you. There is fun to be had and money to be won. Everyone has the same chances. You could be the next big winner. You will never know if you don’t play! 


You can be the winner if you use your computer, smartphone, or an android app and play from the UK (or almost anywhere else). You will soon learn why the Irish are considered lucky. Today your numbers could come in. This could be your lucky day.

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