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Branding Your Business: Why Companies Should Invest in Personalised Number Plates

Branding Your Business: Why Companies Should Invest in Personalised Number Plates

Branding is an important part of business success, which is why companies splash their company name and logo across their vehicles. Unfortunately, not all branded vehicles stand out in a sea of so many others. However, if you pair your branded vehicle with a personalised number plate, it’s more likely to be seen. Number plates typically have a standard seven-digit layout, making anything different stand out. Below, we will tell you why your business should invest in personalised number plates and how to get it done.


The cost of personalised number plates varies dramatically depending on popularity, precision, chosen name, and clarity. A number and letter combination shorter than the standard number plates might cost you significantly more. To find out the cost of a personalised number plate, you will need to put in some research. That being said, the cost of investing in a personalised number plate is typically cheaper than alternative advertising methods. After all, it’s a one-off expense with a great return. 

Going Mobile 

The aim of advertising is to put your business in front of your target audience, which can be difficult in the digital age. However, one thing that will likely never change is people driving around and consuming adverts as they go. Placing a personalised number plate on your business vehicles is an efficient way to gain exposure wherever you go. Whenever the vehicle is parked, you’re benefiting from the same initial purchase of the number plate. 

Brand Recognition 

When you put your business logo in front of your target audience, will it be instantly recognisable? If you’re answering this question with a “No”, you’ve got some work to do. There are many ways to boost your brand recognition including placing logos on packaging, running ad campaigns, having a tagline, and much more. Alongside these efforts, you can create catchy jingles and memorable video ads for the online market.  

If you’ve got a catchy tagline or recognisable business name, you can have this transformed into a personalised number plate. When drivers and passengers see your plate on the road, it will trigger memories and put your company at the front of their minds.

Fun on the Road 

If you can spread cheer to your fellow drivers, you’re doing something right. Using wit to market your company is a strong marketing tactic, so why not take this onto the road with a personalised number plate? If you’re encouraging happiness and laughter, your business is much more likely to stay with potential customers. Not is the initial plate viewer more likely to explore your brand, but they’ll tell their friends and family about the funny business number plate they saw while stuck in traffic. 

Stands Out 

We’ve already mentioned this plenty, but it’s worth having its own section. Every number plate from 2002 or later is made up of two letters, two numbers, and followed by three random letters. When the majority of cars on the road have the same formatted number plate, a uniquely formatted registration plate will easily stand out in a crowd. If you target your personalised plate correctly, you may find people taking pictures of the vehicle and sharing it on social media, meaning even more exposure from the same initial plate purchase.

Great Online Marketing Alternatives

Digital marketing is great, but there is still plenty of merit when it comes to offline marketing. Traditional leaflet printing and radio broadcasts still reach plenty of people, especially those that struggle to access social media platforms and websites. Your personalised plate is the perfect extension of your online marketing efforts and will be seen by many people. 

How to Get Personalised Plates 

So, you’ve decided to invest in personalised number plates, but you need to know how to buy them. Before deciding on a letter/number plate, you need to put a budget in place to avoid getting carried away. Afterwards, you’re ready to decide on a theme, be it a catchphrase, business name, or relevant word. Next, you need to find a reputable dealer of DVLA number plates. Your dealership will assist you in making sure all the necessary paperwork is filled out correctly, as any errors will result in delays and may void the sale completely. You don’t need to have the vehicle already, as you can invest in your personalised number plate and store it on retention. 

Take Away 

Having a strong, recognisable, and consistent brand image is essential for success. Having a business vehicle gives you a great tool for strengthening your brand recognition, especially if you combine fun decals with a unique registration plate. This marketing tactic is a relatively low-cost one-off investment, will go wherever your business takes you, and will easily stand out on a road littered with standard format plates. 

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