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How to Find Accommodation as a digital Nomad in Luxembourg

Living the life of a digital nomad is one of adventure that makes it an envy for many. However, the nomadic lifestyle in this modern times is only for some. What if you find yourself in an expensive city like Luxembourg? One main challenge is finding cheap and flexible housing to meet your demands.

Learn in this article how you can gain accommodation as a tech-savvy traveler. You’ll be reading about flats in Luxembourg for rent to put an end to the worry and move on to your next metropolis as a digital nomad.

Your Guide to Finding your Home in Luxembourg as a Tech-savvy Nomad

Finding a new location is necessary since being a digital nomad entails traveling around frequently. Everyone wants their new home or apartment to be ideal, but finding the best one requires work.

Where To Look

When seeking a place to move into temporarily, you’ll want first to have a lead to where you can find accommodation. Here are a few common platforms where you could begin your search. 


Using Facebook’s search function can be useful. Facebook Marketplace is an excellent resource for both short and long-term rentals at local rates. 

You may also discover Group pages dedicated to housing and rental groups in different places. 

Sublets, short/long-term rentals, and housing sharing are only some of the things you can find. These group pages also allow you to make posts on what you’re looking for, in which your fellow group members can give you a hand.


Airbnb is one of the most well-liked sites among digital nomads. For nomads, Airbnb has a lot of advantages. Airbnb hosts are diligent in checking hosts, and you are less likely to encounter fraud. 

To discover more about the area, read reviews left by other visitors.

However, the reductions offered for lengthy reservations are the biggest perk. For reservations lasting seven nights or longer, some hosts offer a weekly discount, and for monthly stays, most hosts offer even higher savings.

Trusted Housesitters

Being a home or pet sitter for folks traveling out of town with is a cost-effective way to travel the world. 

The yearly fee for homesitters is approximately €111, although this is more than covered after one or two visits with free housing. 

Because there are members from 130 countries, there is accommodation accessible everywhere. 

All you have to do is take after the owner’s pets and house while they are gone. The website offers free background checks, property damage, and theft insurance.

Flats For Rent

If you are still looking for a place you like, below are some great options you could consider renting right now! 

One Bed Room Studio Apartments

A person who travels often would be fine without a huge mansion. On that note, a studio flat would be more practical. 

Luckily there are flats in Luxembourg where you can gain access right away. Once you land in the city, these homes will be ready. You will not need to make any reservations. But you can always check rental directories to give the owners a heads-up.

The convenient part is that studio apartments will have furnished living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

 You may arrive and begin living in Luxembourg on the first day. You’ll enjoy coming home to this lovingly furnished, fully-equipped home.

Open Residential Areas

There is nowhere else to find accessible and convenient dwellings than residential areas. 

The business center would not be too far from well-known residents in Luxembourg. Your nomadic lifestyle will fit into this area of the city. 

You can take advantage of the free public transit that goes around the neighborhood. A few walks away, you will see residential streets like Bonnevoie, Gasperich, and Belair.

These areas will take you close to the market. This is perfect for the nomadic work-life setup. Cooking your food is cheaper and more practical. 

You can eat what you prefer while still living a comfy lifestyle. Also, since your home is near the market, you can buy a ready-to-eat meal. It would help you save time and effort in cleaning the kitchen.

Furnished and Serviced Rentals

Serviced rentals in Luxembourg are a top pick for travelers. One reason is that service rentals and apartments go with free services. Aside from checking in a unit, room services would also be waiting in line for you.

These would mimic what hotels do. However, with serviced units, the cost is on the budget. Typical services include laundry, room cleaners, and meal and grocery deliveries. 

This would best suit a person who is always on the go. Drop by your home and call on the service staff to help you out with your basic needs. 

After that, rest, recharge and pick up a few things and gadgets, and you are good to go.

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