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How to prepare for an airsoft shooter? 5 most important rules

If you are interested in airsoft and want to try your hand at it – but you don’t know where to start – you’ve come to the right place! We have prepared for you a list of all the most important rules and organizational steps. It includes the necessary equipment and accessories and explains all the airsoft-related complexities. With us, you can easily prepare for your first airsoft shooter. Now, on to what you will need!

1. Complete or find a team

Airsoft is a team sport, so first and foremost you’ll have to find other players – complete your own team as well as the opposing one. Even if you can’t find willing people in your closest social group, you can still join the airsoft community! You just need to find a company that organizes airsoft events. They can be found in many larger cities and organize regular games, so you can easily join other participants. You can also look for an airsoft team in your area that organizes private meets – look for one on social media and on thematic forums.

2. Get an airsoft gun

Another step involves choosing the right equipment. You cannot go into battle without an airsoft gun and proper ammunition – i.e. plastic or biodegradable BBs. Airsoft guns are a very diverse group of equipment, available at a wide price range. However, to start with, we recommend an electric airsoft rifle – from the lower price range. You can buy a universal and efficient airsoft gun for around PLN 400-500 – perfect for the beginning of your airsoft adventure. It is best to order your gear in an online store such as – specialized in the sale of airsoft accessories. Such stores offer the largest selection and you can also get good bargains – i.e. good quality equipment at an affordable price.

3. Take care of eye protection

Airsoft is a very safe sport – the purchase and use of an airsoft gun does not require any permits. Airsoft BBs are small and getting shot is not very painful – but there is one area of our body that requires protection, just in case. We’re talking about the eyes, of course! The regulations of every airsoft event state that you must protect your eyes with special glasses or goggles. In addition, you might also consider knee pads and a helmet, but their use depends on the individual preferences of each player.

4. Choose the game scenario that suits you best

“Airsoft shooter is a very general term which covers various game scenarios and themes. They are characterized by a different intensity or time that must be devoted to a given match. You can adjust the game choice to your lifestyle, physical abilities and desiresSpeedsoft is a very fast game that requires advanced physical fitness. Fighting in forested areas for several hours and running around a lot is no joke – unlike games organized in closed rooms (CQB) – also intense, but the distances covered are much shorter. MilSims are intended for fans of realistically enacted warfare.

5. Get ready for lots of fun!

Airsoft is a sport that raises adrenaline levels and provides lots of excitement. The element of competition is very present here and, in addition to physical activity and fitness, it also requires strategic and tactical thinking. Thanks to this, it provides great fun and can engage participants for many hours. If you’re missing some excitement in your life – airsoft is the perfect choice!

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