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Choosing a watch as a gift – what to consider?

Gifting a watch is a great idea, as the wearer will think of you whenever they wear it on their wrist. For men, a watch is a piece of jewellery. For women, it’s an accessory that completes their look (for this reason it should be chosen with great care). A wristwatch is a practical and stylish gift idea for both men and women.

Before buying a watch as a gift, here’s something you should know. Watches with large massive cases and solid bracelets made of stainless steel are most popular nowadays – this applies to both men’s and women’s timepieces. They are characterised by high quality workmanship and many additional functions. They can also be richly decorated. Boyfriend watches, female timepieces with masculine features, look good with elegant and casual outfits. They are also great for women who dress masculine. You should choose a watch based on the size of the wrist. Wristwatches that have a large and bulky case are usually more comfortable to wear. When it comes to style, it should be tailored to the person’s personality and lifestyle; A completely different type of watch will be suitable for an athlete than a lover of classic style. Versatile watches on a steel bracelet usually make perfect gifts. It’s very unlikely to find a watch that will suit all occasions (a different type will be suitable for running and swimming, and another for every day and special occasions). If you’re looking for a practical wristwatch for a senior person, consider timepieces with an easy-to-read dial, preferably with contrasting colours between the hands and the watch face. If you think of a watch as a good timekeeper rather than a stylish accessory, it’s worth choosing models from reputable companies known for producing high-quality movements.

Women’s watch – a jewellery gift for her

When choosing gifts for women, it’s worth opting for richly decorated watches, which can substitute for jewellery. Sports watches are the perfect gift for women who are interested in health and fitness. Equipped with such features as a timer, stopwatch and Bluetooth connectivity, they will certainly be useful for gymnastics, swimming, running and winter sports. On the other hand, if someone prefers a classic and minimalist style, a simple wristwatch with an elegant black dial with gold hands and numerals will be ideal for them. Elegant watches made with care and attention to detail will certainly reflect the owner’s exquisite taste. Women’s watches are also often decorated with precious stones, e.g. diamonds due to their hardness. Original watches with an eye-catching design and rich colours are also popular with women. They symbolise refinement and good taste and are a perfect substitute for jewellery

What men’s watch to choose for a gift?

Minimalist and timeless men’s watches with a hand-wound movement are perfect as gifts for lovers of elegant and casual style. Eco-friendly watches are now also very popular. They are usually made of recycled materials and are often characterised by a fashionable and contemporary design. Eco-friendly watches may also be a good choice for someone who cares about the environment. 

Tactical men’s watches, however, are excellent for men who value tough materials, a long-life battery and advanced features. Given that they are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, they are sure to please any man, whatever his taste. 

Watches – unique gifts that last

If you’re planning to buy someone a watch as a gift, then you should know what this person is like. Think about the presents your friends and family might need or want. What gifts will make them happy? Thanks to a large selection of wristwatches, it’s possible to find something that fits their needs perfectly. You can choose an advanced watch with numerous features to help them navigate their busy life, a smartwatch to help them stay fit, or a classic timepiece that will complete their look. No matter what you choose, gifting a watch is always a good idea.

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