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How To: Spin a daily wheel

When it comes to the online casino scene, not much can be played for free, with opportunities to win prizes headed straight for your bankroll.

When it comes to demo games, they state, This is what you could have won if you were playing for real. However, there is a wheel you can spin daily for free, and wins could result in real prizes.

“Where is this free daily spin?” we hear you ask—read on to find out!

A spin a day, for free!

Did you know, you can get one daily free spin on Paddy Power? Simply log into your account and head to the promotions page, or if accessing Paddy Power via the app, head to the side menu and click the Wonder Wheel option.

A green background will appear on your screen, along with a yellow loading bar. Once 100% is reached, the loading bar will disappear and a wheel with three layers of alternating white and green compartments will appear, with a spin button.

As soon as you press spin, the smallest wheel of the three, will begin to spin. If the counter lands on the compartment containing an arrow pointing upwards, the middle wheel will begin to spin. If that again lands on an upward-pointing arrow, the third and final wheel will begin to spin. If, at any point, the second or third wheel lands on an arrow pointing downward, the wheel below will begin to spin again.

This will keep happening until the counter lands on a compartment that contains an icon representing a prize or a thumbs down, which represents a no win and a better luck next time message.


With just one spin, you could see yourself potentially winning one of the following:

  • A free scratchcard
  • Either five or ten free spins
  • Game bonuses
  • Live casino bonuses
  • A sportsbook free bet
  • Cash is deposited straight into your bankroll!

Each prize above is represented by an icon, which will be displayed on The Wonder Wheel. If the counter stops on one of the icons representing one of the above prizes, this is the prize you’ve won for that day. If, however, the counter lands within a wheel segment that contains a thumbs down, you haven’t won this time around, but there’s always tomorrow.

If you’re lucky enough to win a prize while spinning your daily wheel, the prize will be credited as soon as you click claim.

Of course, each prize comes with its own set of terms and conditions: what eligible games are attached to the prize, how long you have to use the prize, and so much more. Therefore, we always advise reading over the terms and conditions, before claiming.

It’s also good to remember here, that a prize isn’t guaranteed each time you spin the Wonder Wheel, and if you do win a prize, this again doesn’t guarantee a win within the eligible game either.

So, will you be claiming your daily free spin between 00:00 and 23:59 on Paddy Power today?

Disclaimer: Content is for informational purposes only. Gambling may lead to addiction and financial loss. Play responsibly. Seek help if needed. Not an endorsement of gambling.

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