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What is Call in Poker?

Poker is a famous table game that involves the use of chips, cards, and a dealer. Poker follows a system of predictable gameplay that players already understand and anticipate. This is why having a great strategy is vital to winning the game. “Call” is therefore an important strategy to master to get the most out of Poker when you start to play on the best poker sites. Real Money is at stake, so in this article, we carefully explain what call entails and things to note to be confident at the game.

What is Call?

Every Poker game starts the same way. The dealer dishes out cards to each player, and the players take turns making their bets with a call, a raise, or a fold.

The call is one of 3 actions in a round of poker games. It is the bet you place to match another player’s bet. It means you are willing to stay in the hand. This is different from raising the hand, which entails placing a higher bet or folding, which means you are pulling out. Call then is a safe option to continue a game without raising the stakes.

Players choose to call either because their hand is not good enough to place a raise or they still feel they have a chance in the game not to fold. It can also be because they choose to use the tactical approach called the bluff.

When to Call in Poker

Poker is more about strategy and less about getting lucky hence the need to understand when to call. Raising and folding have times when they are most appropriate. In this case, we explore situations where calling should be your go-to option.

Hiding A Strong hand

An aspect of Poker every player must learn is reading their opponent. Every player makes a reaction during a game which helps other players make well-informed decisions. Calling is then a way not to call attention to yourself during a game, to avoid raising suspicion, until the river or better still, after players have folded. This could also be a means to preserve yourself from losing a chance to raise your bets later.

Calling a Bluff

Bluffing is a norm in poker games. The better you are at it, the higher your fighting chance to win. Players take the call action to scare newbies, and also, to see opponents’ reactions. In all, bluffing gets the job done. Although this action can go against you, making a call to bluff is an option that even experienced players sometimes find hard to decipher.

When opponents raise to throw others off balance, calling is a great action to decipher his gameplay: whether his bluff is true or false. You also get to minimize your loss when you’re wrong.

How To Call in Poker

Calling is made in one of two ways. You either voice your decision or put the number of chips equivalent to the pot. For example, when an opponent before you makes a bet of $50, you can say “call” meaning that you are informing the table that you are making a bet. You can as well toss chips the equivalent of $50 into the pot. Tossing the chips can also be a strategy of confidence or frustration.


The joy of playing any game is winning—beating other players to the punch. Knowing your strategy is not something any player should joke with to advance in the game of poker. The call is a great strategy to master on your poker-playing adventure.

Disclaimer: Content is for informational purposes only. Gambling may lead to addiction and financial loss. Play responsibly. Seek help if needed. Not an endorsement of gambling.

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