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You’ve been diagnosed with diabetes- what’s next?

So, you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes. There are few tougher things in life than hearing the news of a diagnosis coming from your doctor. You’ll no doubt be filled with fears, worries, and conflicting emotions, and it can be difficult to know where or who to turn to. 

While nothing can make the news any easier to take, there are ways to limit the stress and anxiety moving forward. We’ve put together a guide on the steps you should take immediately after a diabetes diagnosis. Read on to find out more. 

Make use of resources 

The best thing you can do immediately following a diabetes diagnosis is to educate yourself and research the condition as much as possible. While your doctor and healthcare team will have no doubt given you a lot of information, in such a highly emotional moment it can be difficult, if not impossible, to take it in.  

Spend some time yourself doing research at your own pace. There is a range of resources and sources of information out there, Making Diabetes Easier, for example. Research topics you feel are relevant to you and make plenty of notes. You’ll find that, usually, the more you know, the better you’ll feel.

Join a support group 

If you’re struggling to cope with the weight and pressure of a diabetes diagnosis, consider joining a support group.  Groups can be found throughout the UK, there will certainly be one or several locals to you if you live in a major town or city. These groups can provide much needed emotional support and help you through this difficult time. 

If you are living somewhere more remote, don’t worry. The internet has countless forums and channels offering digital versions of diabetes support groups. These are perfect for those of us not living in major hubs, and they can allow you to benefit emotionally from these groups from the comfort of your own home. 

Plan for changes 

While there is no cure for diabetes, the condition can be managed through a number of treatments and lifestyle changes. This idea can be daunting at first, and you can be forgiven for fearing that this diagnosis will turn your life upside down.  

However, this isn’t necessarily the case. You’ll find that you adapt to change quicker than you think, and for many diabetes sufferers the lifestyle changes end up benefiting them in all sorts of additional ways.  

While insulin injections can be a bind, changes to your diet and exercise regime can greatly improve not just your overall health, but your mental and emotional health and well-being as well.  


If you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes, the main thing to remember is – don’t panic. It isn’t the disease that many people think it is. With effective research, an emotional support network around you, and a solid plan for change going forward, you’ll find you can treat and manage your diabetes far easier than you first expected.  

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